Anti-Aging Skincare Products With Natural Ingredients

Guest post by Ria

Name brand cosmetics have the general public believing a falsity: that their products can safely reverse the aging process. While some might reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone, most of these products are made with harmful chemicals that are absorbed into the skin; their natural ingredients straggle at the bottom of the list. Ironically enough, these popular brands talk up those natural ingredients to make the public believe they’re getting the best of nature.

This is where name brand cosmetics and natural cosmetics differ: with the latter, you get the risk-free ingredients that work, without the harmful chemicals and unnatural fragrances. But which ingredients work the best in reversing the aging process? Let’s stop the clock with these three natural ingredients instead:

GrapefruitGrapefruit as a natural chemical peel

Citrus fruits like grapefruit work wonders for the body when incorporated into your diet. But did you know it also has skincare benefits? When applied directly to your skin, grapefruit-based products, like Brown Sugar Shop’s Grapefruit Astringent, can work just as well as chemical peels. The high amount of antioxidants found in grapefruit is what makes it so effective.

Antioxidants are your first defense against free radicals

Free radicals from the environment can cause lines, discoloration, blemishes and wrinkles – they damage the skin and speed up the aging process; and our bodies can’t fight them alone. The body’s first defense against free radicals are antioxidants.

The antioxidants in grapefruit attach themselves to free radicals, reducing the damage they can do to the body. Using grapefruit-based skincare products adds to the amount of antioxidants our bodies produce on their own, helping to reverse the aging process.

Rooibos tea by Akuppa, FlickrRooibos tea for cancer prevention

Not enough people know the benefits of rooibos tea, or even what rooibos tea is. Rooibos is a plant in the legume family that South Africans have served as a tisane (herbal tea) with meals for centuries. The herb is known to reduce nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems.

Skin benefits of rooibos

The flavanoids in rooibos have cancer-fighting qualities, which might be beneficial to you if you spend a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen on your face. Rooibos can also treat acne and eczema, contains antioxidants, and is anti-bacterial. These things are all beneficial when applied to the skin, but drinking the tea will have the same effect.

The grapefruit astringent mentioned above also contains rooibos to effectively reverse the aging process.

Balance Facial Serum from Brown Sugar Shop

Balance Facial Serum from Brown Sugar Shop contains both Rooibos and Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

You have probably heard about aloe vera’s healing properties and digestive health benefits, but you’ll be amazed at how much this one ingredient can do for your skin.

Aloe vera is moisturizing

Aloe vera will moisturize your skin without leaving it greasy and can be used as a foundation primer for more flawless coverage. So ladies, if you find a moisturizer infused with aloe vera, snatch it up!

Treat acne with aloe vera

Prone to breakouts? Aloe vera contains a hormone called giberellin. Can’t pronounce the name? No problem. All you have to know is how it works:

  • Giberellin stimulates the growth of new cells
  • It allows the skin to heal quickly
  • It prevents long-term skin blemishes, such as scarring

Everyone is familiar with the marks left on the skin long after a pimple has healed. Aloe vera acts like an exfoliant to create stronger tissue that resists scarring. This is why it’s important to find skincare products that are infused with aloe vera.

The anti-aging properties of aloe

Aloe vera contains vitamin C and E, two vitamins that have been proven to increase skin firmness, preventing lines and wrinkles. Along with it’s hydrating properties, aloe vera creates a glowing, youthful appearance to the skin.

Natural is the best way to go for age reversal. If you are new to natural skincare products, keep an eye out for the ingredients above and you can’t go wrong.

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