Fashionable, Yet Affordable Yoga Clothes

Those who choose yoga as their main source of fitness and self improvement know that fashion is probably the last thing on the minds of their fellow practitioners. And if it’s not, then they are doing it wrong. But it is perfectly understandable for a person to want to avoid looking like a schlub out in public, no matter what type of fitness he or she prefers. Brands like Lululemon have positioned themselves as highly recognizable brands, sought after by the trendsetters in the athletic world; but most people don’t feel comfortable spending nearly $100 on a pair of yoga pants. Which is why I’ve decided to scout out a nice selection of fashionable, yet affordable yoga clothes that a financially responsible individual needn’t scoff at.

Yoga Tops

GapFit Breathe racer tankThis GapFit Breathe racer tank is breathable, pulling moisture away from your body during your workout.  It’s nice and long, too, so you don’t have to worry about your booty hanging out during those forward folds.Affordable, even at full price, but most every mall has a Gap store these days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find something similar on a clearance rack. They carry tees and long-sleeved active wear, too.Price: $19.95
Old Navy women's active tankThis Old Navy women’s active tank is adorable, and the rouching under the bust creates a nice drape of loose fabric over the belly area. This is perfect for women who prefer not to wear tight-fitting tanks.Old Navy has a pretty large selection of active wear, including yoga pants and my favorite $9.00 sports bra for low impact exercise.Price: $16.94
Neon Trapeze Dolman TopWhen it’s chilly out, I like to have something cozy to throw on over my workout tank. This Neon Trapeze Dolman Top from Forever 21 is loose-fitting and has a wide collar, so once you’re warmed up, it’s easy pull over your head without disturbing your hair or taking off your glasses. It’s also super cheap!Price: $9.80

Yoga Pants and Bottoms

Champion Banded-Waist Women's Cropped Yoga PantsThese Champion Banded-Waist Women’s Cropped Yoga Pants are on sale for a really low price right now! Get them while they are still available. They are tag-free with a folding waist – perfect for your yoga workout. If you don’t like to pay shipping, a lot of stores carry the Champion brand, including Target. They have a lot more styles to choose from, too.Price: $11.99
Women's Yoga Pin-tuck Posies Relaxed Fit Yoga PantThe Danskin Women’s Yoga Pin-tuck Posies Relaxed Fit Yoga Pant is a flattering cropped-style pant at a reasonable price. If you sign up for their e-mail newsletter, you will receive 20% off your purchase, which would drop the price of these pants down to $25.60 (which nearly makes up for the cost of shipping).
Price: $32.00
Old Navy Women's Fold-Over Yoga PantsOld Navy’s Women’s Fold-Over Yoga Pants are a nice take on longer yoga pants. I like that they aren’t flared at the ankle like a lot of them are. They feature the fold-over top, which is nice for rear end coverage, but this style offers 3 options where the fold-over part is not a bright, flashy color. The colors are great for the younger crowd, but mature women might prefer a solid colored pant.Price: $19.50

Where do you find your yoga gear?